Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mosaic Yoshi

Thanks to my cooperating teacher and her creative projects working with these itty bitty mosaics tiles with cd cases. I was able to create my own mosaic. Boyfriend really likes the 8-bit characters from the originals Mario games. So, I made him a mosaic Yoshi. He LOVES it. I didn't use a cd case for mine, so I need to go find a frame for it.


  1. This turned out really cool:) Hey, just saw a new blog that you might be interested in… I think it will help with your new job.

  2. Hi Ashe, thanks for looking at my blog. I hope you find it useful - I look forward to finding out how you get on in your new job!

  3. I love the mosaic. It's very quirky and the character is adorable. Beautiful and fun work.