Monday, July 11, 2011

Dale Chihuly Pop Bottle Sculpture in Detail

I have had a few requests on further explaining how I made the pop bottle sculpture. I took some time to draw out a better detail. I would rather draw it considering I am a visual learner and explain things better when I have a diagram or objects in front of me. :P

Here you are! Click on the picture to make it bigger. After I started gluing, I worked my way up the tube with the pop bottles using the longer cut tubes toward the bottom and the shorter tubes at the top. I think this made it look more full.  More pictures are in a slideshow here on a previous post I did.


  1. Thanks for posting this diagram. It all makes sense now! I'm going to do some experimenting before school starts in Sept. I am thinking about pouring paint into bottles and swirling it around, rather than painting the outsides. I'm also thinking I've got a HUGE mailing tube that I could glue on to make a tower.

    One new batch of questions: since the bottles are glued together to hang, did the kids get to take anything home? Did you keep the chandeliers together or take them apart after it had been displayed? I'm thinking maybe I'll have kids paint and cut 2 bottles, one for tower or chandelier assemblages, and one that they can glue to a painted toilet paper roll (or something else - still thinking about it) that will be an individual piece to keep. Maybe the group piece will be just solid painted bottles (my pour in and swirl method), and then the individual ones will be painted on the outside. What do you think?

  2. I apologize for the late reply!

    A few of the students suggested putting paint on the inside of the bottle as well. They're so smart. That would work just as well. A mailing tube would be perfect! It does get a bit heavy, so it would probably be wiser do use something a little more heavy duty. I just found the cardboard tubes in my cooperating teacher's art room.

    The only things that they had to take home was the worksheet they did to prepare for painting, and the eye patches to remember Dale Chihuly. I wasn't sure at how to go about having them take a piece of it home.

    I like the idea of making a miniature one for each of them using the toilet paper tube. As for using another bottle and gluing it to that, I'm not sure how well it will stay together. That's why I used the hot glue gun.

    Hmmm... I had thought about taking individual pictures with the sculpture and then sending it home with them, or taking a class photo and sending that home. But, I didn't know how to go about that either.

    Or instead of using pop bottles for the smaller one's, you could do Styrofoam cups. OR... You could have them cut a spiral from coffee filters and glue those onto the toilet paper tube. They can color them with markers with patterns or dip them into paint to create sort of a tye-dye effect.

    Hope this helps, maybe even to spark some ideas!

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