Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Things Are Happening!

So, I start my teaching experience on Friday at the Elk River High School. I am very excited and also very nervous! EEK! I visited the school a couple of weeks ago and I felt very comfortable being there. The cooperating teachers are very nice and helpful. I will be working with two teachers. In the morning I will be teaching Drawing 2, & AP Art with Rana. And in the Afternoon I will have two Clay 1 courses and a Clay 2 course with Damien. My biggest fear: making sure I can explain myself clearly to the students. I haven't always been the smoothest talker. So an achievement for me would over the next few weeks is to present myself as best I can (If I don't, then I need to take it as a learning experience for myself for the next time) and be confident in my actions. My goal as a teacher is to help others learn, not just from my knowledge but also to help them find the information they seek and to be honest with myself and others. I won't always know the answer to everything, but I can say that we(together) can find out. This includes me learning in order to help others learn; Learning together.

I have some ideas for lessons, I hope they go well. :)

Also, I have some other exciting news...

Yes, that's right. This morning I applied for graduation in May. Yahoo! Soon, I will be in the "real world" looking for a grown up job. :D Exciting and scary!

Also, My mother called me this morning to tell me that I had received a letter in the mail from UW Stout. She opened it to find that I have been given the Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement. Meaning, I did really well last semester! :D Hooray!

I am just finishing up my senior show which will be held in March. My group and I have chosen to call it "Unspoken". That term really relates to all of our work equally. I have all of my photos printed, I just need to finish up my drawings.

Well, I am going to go do some more planning and preparation for Friday (AKA.. the beginning of the rest of my life) :D