Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Things Are Happening!

So, I start my teaching experience on Friday at the Elk River High School. I am very excited and also very nervous! EEK! I visited the school a couple of weeks ago and I felt very comfortable being there. The cooperating teachers are very nice and helpful. I will be working with two teachers. In the morning I will be teaching Drawing 2, & AP Art with Rana. And in the Afternoon I will have two Clay 1 courses and a Clay 2 course with Damien. My biggest fear: making sure I can explain myself clearly to the students. I haven't always been the smoothest talker. So an achievement for me would over the next few weeks is to present myself as best I can (If I don't, then I need to take it as a learning experience for myself for the next time) and be confident in my actions. My goal as a teacher is to help others learn, not just from my knowledge but also to help them find the information they seek and to be honest with myself and others. I won't always know the answer to everything, but I can say that we(together) can find out. This includes me learning in order to help others learn; Learning together.

I have some ideas for lessons, I hope they go well. :)

Also, I have some other exciting news...

Yes, that's right. This morning I applied for graduation in May. Yahoo! Soon, I will be in the "real world" looking for a grown up job. :D Exciting and scary!

Also, My mother called me this morning to tell me that I had received a letter in the mail from UW Stout. She opened it to find that I have been given the Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement. Meaning, I did really well last semester! :D Hooray!

I am just finishing up my senior show which will be held in March. My group and I have chosen to call it "Unspoken". That term really relates to all of our work equally. I have all of my photos printed, I just need to finish up my drawings.

Well, I am going to go do some more planning and preparation for Friday (AKA.. the beginning of the rest of my life) :D


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  1. Here are a couple of hints I give my student teachers, hope they help you out. I am a talker so sometimes I babble, so i know what you mean by hoping to get your point across. I tell my student teachers to make a sheet to handout to the kids with the concepts, vocabulary, and expectations. It helps me to make sure I get my points across because after I present the lesson we go over the project sheet. The students can also use this as a checklist and it makes creating an assessment ruberic super easy for you. I also suggest an egg timer to keep yourself on track. I tell my students we are going to spend whatever amount of time on intro and then get down to business. it helps keep me from blabbing forever. Hope these are helpful hints. You can check out my blog at smartypantsjohnston.blogspot.com Jessica