Saturday, August 6, 2011

Painting My Sister's Room

Well, my sister has been an ambitious little thing lately. She started packing up the kitchen stuff and peeling the wall paper to repaint. Then she decided she was tired of her room and needed a change. I went down and visited for a day and I helped her to get started on a design. This is what she decided she wanted: a gecko.

This is the finished product 

And here are the in progress photos:


Here is Amanda drawing the circles on the gecko. I found that using chalk on the wall is wonderful! It erases so easily with just your hand! No pencil marks!

 Amanda drawing more circles, see the ladder? So helpful when you are vertically challenged. :)

One coat on two more to go before I get to paint in the circles!

I wanted to continue with the circles on the wall like on the gecko, so Amanda found a ton of different sizes of circles to trace with the chalk. 

 Amanda painted the circles while I painted the gecko. 

I helped paint some of these circles. Amanda started getting frustrated. But, man... circles are hard to paint and make it look good! Amanda did a great job!

 What it looks like now, I think she's still going to work on smoothing out some of the edges.

A little snipit of both!

I just have to say, that I had a wonderful day spending some quality time with my sister. I'm so glad I took the day to go visit. :)

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