Monday, November 22, 2010

My "Bible"

I visited Nichole Hahn's elementary art classroom in Rogers this past Thursday as an introduction to my student teaching with her starting in January. I am very, very excited about this placement. I feel very comfortable with the school and other teachers and staff already. This day of observation really benefited me for getting a glimpse of what my next semester will look like (at least the first half).

Starting off my day, I had wished I brought a notebook to write things in... but, then I remembered that it was an art classroom and I was bound to find paper somewhere! :P I told this to Nichole who in turn, gave me a gift of an organizer to which she refers to as her "bible". I was so ecstatic, that at the staff meeting that morning about Smartboards, I had to break it in! :D As of right now, I already have it sectioned off into grade levels (K-5), Meeting Notes, Fundraisers, and Other Ideas. Nichole and I discussed which themes we would like for me to teach and I already have so many ideas for each of them and having this book as been great for me to jot down all of the notes for every idea that comes to mind.  I love it. :)


Anyways, the rest of my day went well. A little overwhelming, but that's how it should be. A lot of things were put into perspective and were realistic. I got to meet a lot of other coworkers who seem to be very kind and welcomed me into the school. :) Overall, this is going to be a great adventure and I look forward to all the challenges it brings!

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