Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cobwebs and Dust

Alright, so I have been working on a Children's Book Illustration for the semester in my Children's Literature course. The book that I chose to write, is actually a story that my mother used to tell me when I was little. What I remember most about it, was how she told it. The story was very suspenseful and had me engaged from the beginning all the way through the end.

The story is about a man who finds shelter in an abandoned house while walking on a deserted country road. Upon entering the house, the man hears a voice and he goes searching for it, through the cobwebs and dust. Then he finally finds out who the small voice crying, "Help me!", belongs to a mouse who is trapped in bubblegum. The story has a hilarious ending. (or at least I always thought so) Anywho, I am going to include on here the text of the story so you can get a better feel for it yourself. Mind that when you read it, pace yourself and exaggerate some of the words.

One dark, dark night,
On a long, dark road,
Walked a man
In a long, black coat.

Slowly the man walked down
The long, dark road
As the wind began to howl
And the rain began to fall.

Suddenly, lightning flashed
Bright in the forest
And up ahead,
The man could see a house.

The man ran to the house
Hoping to find shelter from the storm.
He knocked on the door,
There was no answer.

The man knocked harder on the door
And it slowly creaked open.

The man in the long, dark coat
Slowly entered the house asking,
“Is anyone home?”

The door slammed shut behind him.
He looked around to see, but there was nothing there,
except cobwebs and dust.
Again, he asked, “Is anyone home?”

The man heard a fain voice
Coming from the top of the stairs.
“Help me! Help me!” it cried.

Slowly the man climbed the stairs
Brushing away the cobwebs and dust.
Finding no one at the top,
The man called out, “Where are you?”
The little voice answered,
“In the bedroom at the end of the long, dark hall.”

Slowly the man crept down the long, dark hall.
His face covered with cobwebs and dust.

Upon reaching the door to the bedroom,
The man slowly turned the knob
And the door steadily swung open.

Inside there was nothing but cobwebs and dust
“Where are you little one?” said the man.
“In the closet”, the voice responded.
The man in the long, black coat opened the closet.

“Help me! Help me!” the little voice cried.
“I’m stuck in the dresser drawer!”
The man opened the top drawer
And found nothing but cobwebs and dust.

The man opened the second drawer.
He found nothing but cobwebs and dust.

Carefully, the man opened the bottom drawer,
Again he found only cobwebs and dust
“Help me! Help me!” the voice cried again.
“I’m in the back of the drawer.”

The man stuck his hands to the back,
Feeling something move and jerk the drawer open.

There, the man found a mouse
Pulling at his long, black coat.
“Help me! I’m stuck in bubble gum!”
The man helped free the little mouse
From the sticky pink bubblegum

And the two sat around the fireplace,
Keeping them warm and safe from the storm.

Along with writing out the text, we were to write a proposal, artist statement, and cover letter as well as illustrate at least two images. I just got done taking photos of them because I am submitting electronic versions to my professor, just for the fact that the drawings are so delicate. I used oil pastels on a paper that feels gritty like sand-paper. It is wonderful for oil pastels, but also very expensive. :P 

I added some more detailed pictures as well, because I like the way they turned out. I am amazed by this camera. I checked it out from the library. It is a Nikon D5000, in case you were wondering. Anyways, that just gives you a taste of what I have been working on this semester.



  1. I love the story as well as your textured illustrations!I particularly love that the story came from your Mother.(Master of suspense :D ) I hope you can get it published someday! In the meantime, I will be following your journey on the way to teaching art.

  2. Thanks for compliments! She really is the master of suspense. :) Hopefully, I will find the time to finish it.